Relay FAQ

Do we have to run all 24-hours?

No! In fact, you don't necissarily have to run at all! Relay is designed so that everyone (even non-sporty folk) can participate. The whole point is to be there and enjoy the positive energy and fun environment that Relay provides while understanding the hardships that cancer patients go through and encouraging everyone to FIGHT BACK and BEAT CANCER. 
Do we HAVE to raise $100? 
Not at all! You are welcome to raise however much money you can contribute or raise. The Relay is ultimately a fundraiser to benefit cancer research so every little bit counts! However, if you do reach that $100 goal there are added benefits like a free shirt and free food and drinks thorughout the event! Also this year, if you raise $50 you get free drinks the entire event! 
What should I bring? 
Bring a sleeping bag, water, sunscreen, whatever overnight supplies you need, and a positive attitude! 
So how do I sign up!? 
It's easy! Just go to the Relay For Life website and click sign up!