The Faces

A lot of work goes into our cause and none of that would be possible without the wonderful people in our committee! Here are our newly elected chairs for the 2011-2012 year. We will be interviewing for the remaining chair positions and committee members in the end of August! We welcome you to apply!
                                Christine Anderson, President                          Leah Tsui, Vice President                          Jenna Wolfsohn, Secretary/Treasurer

   Dana Horowitz, Production Chair                                                                                Sasha Vaghefi, Growth Chair                                                                                 

     Chelsea Stone, Logistics Chair            Mimi Winfield, Food Chair                          Catherine Keen, Recruitment Chair            Sara Mehji, Recruitment Chair


 Megan Trieu, Ceremonies Chair         Cassie Kenworthy, Accounting Chair                    Stephanie Fong, Fundraising Chair     Georgina Lean, Advocacy Chair


    Tommy Trojan, Entertainment Chair          Angie Huynh, Online Chair                     Candice Navi, Public Relations Chair   Melissa Ling, Public Relations Chair                     



  Katie Kelsh, Cancer Ed Chair              Camille Alcala, Cancer Ed Chair                         Isabella Wu, Survivorship Chair          Ingrid Leu, Survivorship Chair                      



  Itcould B. You, Pantene Chair     Itcould B. You, Registration Chair                                           Haley Nakata                                       Melina Sutton
                                                                                                                                        Corporate Sponsorship Chair                Corporate Sponsorship Chair                                                                             

              Still searching for the following Chairs: